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Friday, April 22, 2016

Fickle Pickles?

YES… they are the bomb! 

Years ago, I stumbled upon this delight when I was given a jar of Fickle Pickles at my job for Christmas.  I was like, sure… okay… whatever… and off I went.  But when I got home and opened them up… it was an experience.  Man, were they good! 

So good, in fact, I asked if I could have another jar.

Hamburger sliced… they are sweet, spicy and oh so crunchy.  They are so good you can just sit there and eat them… I have eaten a half-jar in one sitting… trust me on this one.

Now, they come regular spicy which has some zing to it, and then they come extra spicy which is my favorite. 

Pickles make great gifts!

Having received them for the first time as a gift, I thought I’d carry on the tradition.  I give them away to people as gifts because I want them to enjoy them as much as I did my first time.  But…

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve handed someone a jar of pickles and I get this…What… Huh… followed by the proverbial exclamation… Pickles?

I’ve given Fickle Pickles out to client as gifts and I give them out to anyone I think would enjoy them… including a date.  They are great ice breakers!  Oh, and I love to smile like the Cheshire cat and say… these aren’t any ole’ pickles, they are the best pickles you’ve ever had.  And you can’t get them in any grocery store.

The point is… Be original… give people a gift that makes them say… What… Pickles?  Trust me… They’ll be glad you did!

Besides, you’ll receive a lot of satisfaction once they try them and realize that they truly are something amazing.  And you listen to them rave about them to their friends and co-workers about them. 

Mom & Pop Shop

Everyone loves that “down-home” feel that comes with the personal attention of a mom and pop country store.  Today, so many businesses today lack that personal feel.  But not Fickle Pickles… that’s exactly what you get when you call or visit them. 

Located just outside of San Antonio, Texas, Carousel Antiques & Fickle Pickles was founded in 1987 by Billie A. Shaw in Boerne, Texas. The Antiques soon became a backdrop to Mrs. Shaw’s Fickle Pickles®. Locals and day-trippers from the surrounding Texas Hill Country lovingly dubbed Mrs. Shaw “The Pickle Lady”.

While mom has since passed on in 2008, the quality, care and tradition of creating these delectable delights has been carried on by her daughter, Lisa, who now runs the store.  And Lisa is a great!  I think she still takes phone orders… Now, that’s service! 

But like days gone by… Fickle Pickles still has that same good, old-fashioned mom and pop country feel to it that you love.  From the people to the pickles…Fickle Pickles is a Texas tradition.

Today, Fickle Pickles has three locations with the original store still located in Boerne, Texas. 

So, if you are ever in or around San Antonio, Texas on vacation or just visiting, stop by and see them.  And enjoy a little taste of Texas, too!  But even if you’re not in the neighborhood, you can still order your jar Fickle Pickles, today!  Just ask for Lisa…

Either way… enjoy some homemade pickles… Made in America!


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